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https://www.chuangsun.com.tw/en/contact.html Chuangsun Co., Ltd https://www.chuangsun.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png No.348-1, Puzih St., Fongyuan Dist., Taichung City 42072, Taiwan (R.O.C.) $ 04-2515-0038 Chuangsun Co., Ltd., was established in May 2015 in No.348-1, Puzih St., Fongyuan Dist., Taichung City 42072, Taiwan (R.O.C.) .Professional operation of double-sided grinding, tungsten grinding,plane grinding, washer grinding and special materials processing. "integrity, quality, service" is our concept.In order to meet customer expectations, we offer a variety of grinding options for customers to choose. We have 10 flat grinding machine,5 Fuji double-sided grinding machine,2 Japan NISSEI double-sided grinding machine,and 1 SANSEI Horizontal Rotary Grinding Machine. 1 TSKK Rotary Grinding MachineIn order to meet customer accuracy and Delivery requirements.  We have TESA height gauge,Surface roughness meter, image profiler for quality control.In order to meet customer needs for the detection of quality. 1. Flat grinding machine 2.Fuji double-sided grinding machine3.NISSEI double-sided grinding machine4.Rotary Grinding Machine 5.QC part:TESA height gauge,Surface roughness meter, image profiler   

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